New Jersey Live-In Care Services

NJ Live-In Home Care – 24 Hour Care in NJ

If you require extensive care and supervision services, a Live-In home care aide from Amor Homecare may be the ideal and cost-effective solution. With a Live-In aide, you can have 24/7 coverage and consistent care without the disruptions caused by caregiver transitions, weather, or outside commuting issues. This option is both affordable and provides the highest level of consistency in care, ensuring your loved one receives the best possible support.

At Amor Homecare, we follow a proven match process to make caregiver recommendations, but ultimately, the final decision lies with both the caregiver and the client. It is essential to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and compatible with each other to create a positive and effective working relationship. We strive to make the best possible matches for our clients and their caregivers, ensuring that everyone involved is satisfied with the arrangement.

Our Live-in home health aides perform duties as directed by the client and/or their family and often include:

  • Assistance with Personal Care, bathing, toileting, dressing

  • Meal Preparation/planning/shopping lists

  • General household upkeep

  • Laundry, keeping linens and bedding fresh

  • Quality Companionship, conversation, oversight

  • Escort to Dr. visits, appointments, weddings and other events

  • Shopping

  • Outside the house excursions for pleasure – parks, going to lunch, recreation areas, senior centers, etc.

At Amor Homecare, we take pride in offering flexible live-in care services that are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require 24/7 live-in care or just a weekend caregiver, we have a team of experienced, compassionate, and friendly Home Health Aides and Certified Personal Care Aides available to assist your loved one. Our aides can provide support for independent living at home or offer one-on-one care in an assisted living facility, providing supplemental live-in care and safety oversight. Additionally, our caregivers are available to serve as additional private hire caregivers at nursing home facilities, ensuring your loved one has one-on-one 24-hour live-in care in New Jersey.

We often receive requests for our New Jersey Live-In Home Health Aides to stay in place for extended periods, ranging from months to years, in our clients' homes. When our caregivers require time off, they notify our office, and we arrange for a temporary fill-in to ensure your loved one is never alone. This approach offers peace of mind to our clients, knowing that there will always be a qualified and compassionate caregiver available to provide care and support.

At Amor Homecare, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients and their loved ones. That is why we perform comprehensive background checks on every Live-In Home Aide recommended for service in your home. We have the necessary resources and systems available to facilitate direct deposit paychecks for our caregivers, allowing them to avoid leaving their clients for personal banking errands, providing added peace of mind for our clients. Additionally, we ensure that we have appropriate insurance coverage to provide the best possible care for your loved one. We take care of all the necessary details to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our live-in healthcare services. Contact us today to discuss your need for live-in home health care in New Jersey.

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